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Mannah Mannah

d00t do do do d0

it's all just too sexual
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The soundtrack to our lives... (Jesus is our drummer)

1) Apoptygma - Suffer in Silence
2) Greenday - Minorty
3) Pulp - Mis-Shapes
4) System of a Down - Chop Suey

We are a group of people that have been thrown together by fate and the internet. We have nothing in common yet we have everything in common. We mostly know each other in real life.

We get drunk, We take drugs, We are retards and we <3 each other.



Feel free to join if you think you can be one of us.
apop, being retards, bess, biscuit game, camp stuffed donkeys, digital camera pr0n, doritos, drinking, drugs, frank, friends, infected mushroom, kate, kaz, lawrence, malboro, malibu, mike, nilla coke, not salma, paul, peter, pringles, random, rob, sexualness, soad, tig, trish, uncle jack, vodka, weed, wkd blue